Jack in the Box Worship

Jack in the Box: fun, multi-sensory worship for Foundation Stage settings

written by Early Years specialists

Written by Shahne Vickery and Belinda Stowe, Jack in the Box is a lively and interactive worship resource. Jack, the loveable Labrador puppet comes out of his box to engage children in the four elements of worship – Welcome (Hello Time), Learn (Story Time), Reflect  (Thinking Time) and Respond (Praying Time).

Jack invites everyone to:

  • join in action songs set to well-known nursery rhyme tunes,
  • listen to and take part in Bible stories, and
  • think about and reflect on their own experience of the value in focus.

Follow up activities are suggested to support the value theme explored in the worship.

You can purchase Jack, the Labrador puppet from Imaginor Ltd or directly from The Puppet Company Ltd.   


Two short film clips, see below, show Jack in the Box Worship in action in a classroom setting.