WELCOME to Imaginor’s website.
We hope it is really useful in helping you to find out all you need to know about the materials that we produce for schools.
Imaginor is a new company but all our writers work in primary education and are well known and popular authors.
The titles Home School Values, Out Of The Box Worship, Jack in the Box and Values Reflection Journal are designed to meet the needs of teachers today. Values in Action is a brilliant set of photographs that show values in action in everyday settings in the school community. Fresh off the press, Roots and Fruits provides a 2 year programme of Values based assembly materials. We hope they are just what you are looking for.
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JACK IN THE BOX is a lively and interactive assembly resource for children in Reception classes and other EYFS settings. Jack, the loveable labrador puppet, comes out of his box to engage children in the four elements of worship - welcome, learning, reflecting and responding. A simple Bible story is at the heart of each assembly and this focusses on a Christian value such as friendship, forgiveness or thankfulness. See clips from the introductory DVD on web page. Written by Shahne Vickery and Belinda Stowe.

ROOTS AND FRUITS, written by Shahne Vickery and team, is a 2 year programme of creative collective worship for primary schools, rooting Christian values in stories from the Bible and the seasons of the Church calendar.
Includes stories written for Imaginor by Bob Hartman, as well as drama, puppet scripts, poetry, photography and artwork - all designed to support inspirational and interactive worship.

OSCAR OUT OF THE BOX is a creative, innovative approach to KSI worship.
Using the same pattern of worship as Roots and Fruits, in this resource Oscar the wise little owl imagines himself taken back in time, listening and watching with a bird's eye view as the stories unfold.
Written by Shahne Vickery with stories retold by Bob Hartman.