Oscar Out Of The Box

Published April 2016

A brand new publication for KS1 worship, following the pattern of worship established in Roots and Fruits, and with the added bonus of featuring 24 Bible stories retold by Bob Hartman, written especially for Imaginor.

Oscar, the owl puppet, gives a bird’s eye view as each story unfolds and adds his insights – interacting with pupils as he becomes part of this special worship time. Once again a worship box is used, containing a coloured worship cloth appropriate to the season of the church year, a story Bible, cross and candles plus props with which to help tell the story in a way children will remember. (Details of the Church seasons can be found in the ‘Free Downloads‘ section of this website.)

The pattern of worship follows that used in other Imaginor publications and pupils will quickly learn the set responses and songs (if used). The ‘Welcome’ section invites children to prepare themselves for worship. They then listen to an interactive story from the Bible, ‘Learning’, before ‘Reflecting’ on the significance of the story to them. Finally the ‘Respond’ section is an opportunity for children to join in a closing prayer as they consider their response to the story they’ve heard.

Two sessions are provided for each of the Imaginor values, each with a clear learning focus which is developed through questions to consider in the ‘Reflection’ time.

Oscar, the owl puppet, can be purchased from Imaginor Ltd or from The Puppet Company Ltd.

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Watch a short video showing Oscar Out of the Box delivered in the school classroom setting.