Home School Values

“Outstanding schools have highly successful strategies for…
promoting the confidence and engagement of parents and carers
in their children’s learning and the development of good behaviour.”
Ofsted Evaluation Schedule

Written by Shahne Vickery and Carolyn Wright, Home School Values is especially designed for schools who wish to strengthen links with parents by sharing their ‘Value in Focus’ each term.

For each value in Home School Values a colourful double-sided A4 sheet is packed full of fun things to do together as a family. The sheets can be offered to parents as a photocopied sheet or can be uploaded to the school website. Cost: £22.00

Once again Shahne offers a valuable resource to enable staff, parents and children to explore Christian values together. Schools are increasingly recognising the importance of the home/school relationship to explore, nurture and live out these values in everyday life. This quality resource from Imaginor is exactly what is needed to encourage this to happen. It uses both Bible and secular stories alongside a range of fun, interactive and reflective activities catering for a variety of learning styles, stages of development and existing knowledge. Jane Butcher – Barnabas Schools and Churches Team

To download the complete resource, after purchase, insert the password given on the Introduction page in the box below.