Home School Values

Home School Values: fun ways for children to explore

the ‘value in focus’ each term with their families

This resource is especially designed for schools who wish to strengthen links with parents by sharing their ‘Value in Focus’ each term. For each value in Home School Values a colourful double-sided A4 sheet is packed full of fun things to do together as a family. The sheets can be offered to parents as a photocopied sheet or can be uploaded to the school website.

The values Compassion, Courage, Creativity, Forgiveness, Friendship, Generosity, Hope, Humility, Justice, Peace, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility, Service, Thankfulness, Trust, Truthfulness and Wisdom are all included in the printed version. Additionally, following the publication of Roots and Fruits 2  three  EXTRA SHEETS have been written for the values community, dignity and joy. Click here to download just these 3 sheets.

All the values explored in Roots & Fruits and Roots & Fruits 2 are now included in Home School Values download version.

To download the complete resource, after purchase, click on ‘download’ button and when requested insert the password given on the Introduction page of Home School Values.