Jack In The Box Big Bible Story


Fun, multi-sensory Worship Time for Early Years

written by Shahne Vickery and Belinda Stowe

Jack, the loveable Labrador puppet, already a firm favourite with children across a wide range of Early Years settings, returns now with the amazing Big Bible Story.  Children travel with Jack to meet the Big Bible Heroes of the Old Testament and then on to learn all about Jesus and his love for the world, and the adventures of his friends and followers.

Volumes 1 and 2 are each stand-alone resources, but together provide over 80 classroom worship times. All the materials are fully downloadable.

The Worship Box and familiar pattern of worship remain the same:


Welcome – Hello Time The worship box is opened, everyone sings the first action song and Jack appears out of the box.

Learn – Story Time is a time for listening to and interacting with the Bible story. All the stories have been written especially for Early Years children and have suggested props and actions.

Reflect – Thinking Time is a time for exploring what has been learnt through the Bible story. Jack usually has a question relating to the story and the children are then asked a similar question.

Respond – Prayer Time Everyone is invited to think about how they will respond to what they have learned and a short

Lots of sing-a-long action songs are a key part of the worship together with links to the Imaginor values. Plus, at the end of each session are suggested play and craft activities.


For church groups the Jack’s Takeway sheets explain to parents and carers briefly what the children have been learning.

All the Worship Sessions and Jack’s Takeaways can be downloaded using the password provided at the front of each volume.

To download the complete resource, after purchase, click on ‘download’ button and when requested insert the password given opposite the Contents page in Jack in the Box Big Bible Story Volumes 1 and 2.