Christian Values in the School Community

Getting Started

Questions for school leaders, governors, teachers and children to support reflection on a new value as it is introduced at the beginning of term.

Church schools often choose to teach Christian values as part of a three-year cycle, focussing on a new value each six week term. Many schools find it helpful to generate conversations amongst children, teachers and governors to ascertain everyone’s perspective and understanding of the value before they commence; this can then help in planning which particular aspects of the value might be more appropriate to concentrate on during the term.

The questions in this document are offered as a starting point for those conversations.

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SMSC, Christian Values and Character Development

A clearly understood and “lived out” set of values has proven to contribute strongly to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of children.

Christian values are inherently rooted in the person and teaching of Jesus Christ and his invitation to experience life in all its fullness. Therefore, when a group of schools in the dioceses of Gloucester and Bristol came together to discuss the spiritual, moral, social and cultural dimensions of their Christian values their starting point was the teaching and example of Christ.  They considered how everything else might flow from this. The schools also reflected on how their core Christian values informed the approach that they took to teaching British values.

This downloadable document brings together much of that work.

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