Jack in the Box for Churches

Jack in the Box for Churches: Jack the loveable Labrador puppet has been a huge success in schools.

Now he’s returned in a worship resource for churches.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 16.00.36The two year programme designed especially for 3 – 6 year old children has been developed by Early Years specialists who are also children’s leaders in churches. Worship sessions follow a familiar, repeated pattern with fun songs set to well-known tunes and a variety of learning strategies guaranteed to engage young children in the Bible stories.

Each session includes Hello Time, Story Time, Thinking Time, Prayer Time, Goodbye Time and ideas for practical activities to Explore Together. Jack’s Takeaway, an A5 size handout then provides parents with information about what has been learnt and ideas to talk further with their children at home.

A short video below introduces Jack in the Box for Churches and shows a typical Worship session.

Jack in the Box for Churches is supplied as a printed Starter Pack with poster with a link to enable you to retrieve all the downloadable sessions for Year 1 and Year 2 and supporting resources. This will allow church groups to give access to the materials to all their leaders.

The programme includes at least 12 sessions for each term (Autumn, Spring and Summer). The material for learning about and celebrating the festivals of Christmas and Easter is the same for each year.

In Year 1 stories from the beginning to the end of the Bible are retold to show how God’s Big Plan unfolds. Then in Year 2 the focus moves to learning about the character of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In the final term simple stories about Jack show how faith relates to the everyday life of a young child as they learn about the Fruit of the Spirit. To support the learning in this term a Fruit of the Spirit Tree poster is supplied and logos to represent each fruit can be downloaded or taken from the Starter Pack.

Purchasing Jack in the Box for Churches
The complete two-year programme costs just £42.00 when purchased through our online shop.