Roots and Fruits 1

Roots and Fruits: Imaginor’s cornerstone publication provides resources to fully support

Christian worship and spiritual and moral development in your school.

Shahne Vickery has been joined by international storyteller Bob Hartman as well as poets, artists, photographers and a team of educational professionals to produce this inspirational collective worship resource. 12 Christian values are explored in a 2 year programme of fully worked, creative material.

Each assembly follows the pattern established in earlier Imaginor publications and includes the four elements of Welcome, Learning, Reflecting and Responding – which match the Windows, Mirrors, Doors strategy that has proved so popular with teachers.

The worship is enriched by the use of:

  • Quotes and questions to encourage deeper thinking about each value
  • Photographs and posters to root the teaching in the everyday experience of children
  • Stories, poems and art, much of which has been especially commissioned for this book
  • Prayers and guided reflections from traditional and contemporary authors
  • Fruits from the Roots – ideas to develop the theme of the worship through the week

All key material – pictures, photographs, songs and prayers – for display on screen etc are downloadable from our website with the use of a code made available upon purchase of the resource. Just click on ‘SUPPORTING RESOURCES’ button.

(On purchase of Roots and Fruits you will find the password to allow downloads on page 278.)