Imaginor Values

Putting Values at the Heart of Education

There is no such thing as a values vacuum.

Every organisation, whether a business, social club or charity, will have at its heart a set of values – the beliefs and principles which give it identity and shape its purpose.

Sometimes these values are carefully chosen, afforded a significant profile, enshrined in a mission statement and emblazoned across headed notepaper. In other organisations the values develop organically and can be recognised in the way people treat one another or decisions are made. Whilst these values may be only implicitly understood and rarely articulated or acknowledged, they nonetheless represent powerful drivers in informing culture and behaviour. Businesses often invest huge sums in promoting positive values precisely because they are acutely aware of how much these will contribute to the cohesiveness, and ultimately the success, of the company.

For a school, effectiveness is measured by the quality of the education that it offers its pupils. The understanding that governors, senior leaders and teachers have of the purpose and nature of the education they are providing, and the values which underpin it, will determine the ethos.

Whilst a wide range of schools use Imaginor publications, the materials have primarily been produced to support Church schools as they work to strengthen and develop their Christian foundation.

The 18 values which underpin our resources are rooted in the teaching and life of Jesus. They can therefore be described as Christian Values, though may also be seen as touching on what it means to be fully human.

It has become increasingly evident over recent years that schools that are confident and clear about their values are happy, purposeful, thriving learning communities. The aim of Imaginor publications is to support and resource creative, inclusive Values Education and in so doing promote spiritual and moral development in schools.

“The school’s strong family ethos permeates school life and the very strong emphasis on increasing pupils’ awareness of ‘values’ is a significant factor in enhancing pupils’ outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.”
St Lawrence C of E Primary School, Lechlade
First Key Finding. Ofsted Inspection